Nature River Sounds -stress Relief Music Album Review

Nature River Sounds – Stress Relief Music Review is a new album by Australia’s Melvins label. The band features vocalist/songwriter Jason Becker along with the band consisting of guitarist Grant Martin, bassist Mark Sixma, and drummer Nick Sabin. The band is described as “psychobilly/rock” due to its eclectic mix of influences from various musical genres. One cannot consider this a bad thing, though, because it very well has its high points. It is refreshingly off-center, combining the smoothness of mellow pop with the intensity of hardcore rock.

The core of the band is composed of melodic vocals above catchy melodies, creating a mesmerizing blend that works well within the nature-centered context. The singer’s voice is delicately handled without being over-powering, yet managing to be deeply affecting and memorable. The melodic melodies are catchy and diverse enough to stay an interest in one’s regular music playlists, but never lose their uniqueness. One will definitely find these songs irresistible, especially when going through the song list on the band’s website. Looking More visit River Sound GOOD RELAXATION OF THE MUSCLE | Stress Relief Music.

Aside from the lead vocalist, the band also features one of the more experimental voices in today’s music industry. That is Mark Sixma, formerly of Failure Execute, but now a member of Melvins. His contribution to the band is his guitar work, which he describes as “organic”. His unique contribution shines through in the songs he sings, which are expertly mixed and arranged perfectly to fit the nature of each melody. He even manages to take some obscure melodies and make them his own, making him an even better artist in the field of Melvins.

One other member of the melodic line up of the band is Grant Martin, formerly of Failure Execute. The former failed to impress with his earlier solo work, yet he managed to score some decent material with his involvement in Melvins. It is his vocal abilities that really stand out though, as he can easily blend different voices in just one track without it feeling clogged up. And he does this quite well. In fact, the style of voice he uses here is almost wimpy, yet strong and commanding, perfect for nature sounds -stress relief music. These vocals are appropriately raw and primal, creating an aura of masculinity around the nature sounds.

With all this said, it is really hard to consider any band’s music as truly nature-based. There are very few bands nowadays that manage to create such a rich blend of raw emotions and nature tones. This is one of the reasons why the band’s music has such a positive vibe. The band’s songs are probably at their best when they are most directly related to the band’s personality. And Nature River Sounds -stress relief music is definitely no exception to this rule.

Overall, the band’s seventh album Nature River sounds -stress relief music is a huge leap forward in the genre. Although the band still performs mostly in traditional metal, they have truly become masters at what they do. They have expanded their musical horizons and created an atmosphere that is almost alive. They truly live up to the expectations of their fans. So, if you want to dig into some raw and natural sounds, then this band is definitely worth checking out.

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