Mountain Climbing, tunnel crawing kayaking…. on Halong, Vietnam.

Ha Long is literally interpreted as “Bay of Descending Dragons.” Prior to the 19th century, this name was not listed in archive or any document. After mentioning the present-day Quang Ninh Sea or Ha Long Bay, old historical novels frequently referred to them by the titles of An Bang, Luc Thuy or even Van Don. Not until the 19th century did Halong Bay’s name look on a French Marine Map. “The Hai Phong News”, a French newspaper of the time, had an guide, “Dragon seems on Ha Long Bay”, reporting the following story: In 1898 a sub-lieutenant named Lagredin, captaining the “Avalanse” reported seeing a huge sea snake on Ha Long Bay. This was witnessed by many of the crew. Thus emerged that the image of this dragon. Whether this look of a strange animal looking like a dragon resulted in the title of Ha Long Bay isn’t known (Reference Quang Ninh: Art and Culture printed in 2002).

Within this summertime promotion, travelers will enjoy the gastronomic BBQ Seafood and summertime wines at the most luxury cruises as well as trekking and swimming in Halong bay, Natural World Heritage of Vietnam with special promotion prices. Halong Bay overnight cruise

Relax onboard and see sunrise over Halong Bay. Start your Halong bay tour by climbing 330 measures on the top of Tit Top island to get good swimming or photos on the shore.

Back to your Halong bay cruise for freshen up and test out, enjoy buffet brunch while cruising through several limestone islands of unique shapes.

Most travelers generally booked their Halong Bay cruises about two weeks before the death. If your death is elastic, you can wait until the last minutes, about less than two days before the holiday date, you might get great discount if they still have unsold cottages.

After scaling the 427 stone steps that wind up to the summit, one is treated to a most incredible 360-degree view of Halong Bay.

As awesome as Halong Bay appears from up top, in addition, it looks great at ground level. You can swim and do all sorts of water sports . There are some places. There is something extra special about getting to the water instead of observing the islands and taking in the view. You become a player at the wonderful view you’re beholding rather than being a passive observer. By fishing, swimming, and beach cleaning around the bay, you will quickly realize that Halong Bay is not simply picture postcard stuff but is actually an experience in of itself.

Halong Bay is a world heritage site and so amazing.

The best way to enjoy the natural wonders of Halong Bay Vietnam would be to embark in one of many Halong Bay tours that visit the region on almost a daily basis. Patterned after traditional crap boats, Halong bay cruises are experience that conveys a sense of the world. The majority of the ships are designed in design but with cabins and facilities. These ships are floating works of art as they feature intricate craftsmanship along with brightly colored sails.

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