Why wear safety shoes

Ever wondered why you should wear proper safety shoes in the industrial environment? If not, change your outlook now, there are very good reasons to do so. In America alone, over 100,000 injuries are reported each year and the number is only growing. The financial cost to companies because of these injuries is estimated over one billion Dollars!

Though pain tolerance level differs from person to person, any injury is always painful.
Beside the pain, the injury may put the individual out of work for weeks or months, depending on the seriousness of the accident. Associated hazard is financial penury,
needless to say the forced sabbatical and often the need to be confined to your home/bed.
Most of the shop floor injuries happen because the person does not wear safety shoes.
Injuries can happen in a number of ways, e.g. falling heavy objects, objects rolling on to foot, stepping on sharp objects, knocking objects on factory shop floor, accidental slipping, etc.  The severity of these accidents can be reduced, to some extent, if the person wear safety shoes.
Following are the good reasons for wearing protective footwear

�Protect the feet – obviously, if you lose your feet, you fall…

�Factory work would often entail standing for long period of time – a
pair of safety shoes would provide excellent support for such persons.

�The temperature in a factory shop floor could be quite extreme and hazardous – wearing protective clothing, along with safety shoes will afford comforts to the worker.

�Wearing safety shoes is mandatory in factories. Injuries caused due to not wearing safety shoes can be ground for rejecting insurance claims, in addition to law suits on
employer for not enforcing safety practices.

�Doing work wearing safety shoes is always preferable because the
worker can then concentrate on the job at hand and not worry about protecting
own limbs.
There are plenty of safety shoes available in the market. It’s employers’ responsibility to ensure their workers follow compliance and wear proper PPE all the time.


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